Benedikt Bitterli

Rendering Resources

This page offers 32 different 3D scenes that you can use for free in your rendering research, publications and classes. They range in complexity from small test setups all the way to complex interior scenes with difficult indirect lighting. A number of hair models are also included. All scenes come with explicit licenses attached and have few restrictions: The majority allow commercial use, and many don't even require attribution.

Most of these scenes were generously made available by artists on I picked a few of these scenes, cleaned up the geometry, exported it to OBJ and then manually set up PBR materials, lighting and camera. This process is time intensive (up to several days per scene), and I am releasing what I've done in the hopes that it will be useful to others. The scenes that I authored myself are released into the public domain.

All scenes were set up in Tungsten initially and exported to Mitsuba and pbrt-v4 using automatic converters. Since Mitsuba and pbrt-v4 don't fully support the tonemaps and BRDFs used here, conversion is approximate and Mitsuba/pbrt-v4 output may deviate from the renderings shown here. The Tungsten binaries that produced these renderings are available on Github.

Special thanks go to Alex Headley and Nicolas Frattaroli for providing the hardware to render the images on this page. Extra thanks go to Matt Pharr for converting the pbrt scenes to the v4 format, and S├ębastien Speierer for converting the Mitsuba scenes to the v3 format.

How to cite

If you use these scenes in a publication, I would appreciate (but don't require) a citation using the following BibTeX template:

   Author = {Benedikt Bitterli},
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If you want to contribute a scene, leave a comment or just want to say hello, feel free to write me an .